Job seeker looking to change job or get a new career?
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Job seekers and your complex needs

Helping you make positive moves towards your new career.

There’s no greater feeling than landing that dream job, but there’s always a time before that when you’re uncertain, unconfident and perhaps frustrated or unhappy with your situation.

I do know the pressures of changing roles, and I understand the stress that can bring. Let me alleviate that for you, and help you find that dream job.

How can I help you change job?

Before I start lining up interviews for you, I like to meet up or have an online chat about your current situation, how you’re feeling and what has motivated you to change your job.

Do you want a change of career, to re-train on the job, move up the ladder, change your location or just have a different boss, and who is relying on you?

We’ll start getting to know each other; I’ll learn more about your personality and approach to work and you’ll begin to trust me and learn that you can come to me with any concerns or gaps in your confidence

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Nervous Interviewee?

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Do you need to refresh your CV? Is your LinkedIn profile un-loved and under used? Are you a nervous interviewee or feeling anxious about the whole process? Please don’t worry, I’m here to talk you down, talk you up and boost your confidence.

I have a similar approach of relationship building when I’m talking to employers which gives me the edge when it comes to making a good match. I conduct your initial interviews for the roles myself before introducing you with confidence, giving you the edge when you get there.

Ready to find your next job?

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